Raise your hand if you (faintly) remember the commotion on social media a few years ago after a black actor was announced to play the role of Hermoine Granger in a stage production. This is where bookworms, brought to light that there’s only one reference to Hermoine’s’ ethnicity in the book.  It’s a  minuscule detail but the whites in the comments were wildin’. Even JK Rowling dropped the pen and used her thumbs, tweeting “…brown eyes, frizzy hair and very clever. White skin was never specified. Rowling loves black Hermoine 😘”

cred: charlie gray

Then comes Noma Dumezweni, the source for that social media frenzy. In this stage production, she and Ron Weasley are married and have a daughter called Rose Granger-Weasley. Additionally, this casting choice was provocative because the production broke records by selling 175,000 tickets in 24 hours and was the hottest theatrical event of 2016. When asked what does it mean to be on Broadway in an interview, she said, 

It’s amazing, It’s humbling, it’s extraordinary and I can’t take anything for granted. It means a helluva lot.”  She adds, ” Don’t limit yourself because you never know when anything’s gonna happen. I’ve dreamed about this but I thought, it’s not for me or people that look like me.”

Noma Dumezweni has 38 IMBd credits. Her films include Black Earth Rising, Mary Poppins Returns, The Boy who harnessed the Wind, Mysterious Creatures – the list is long. She is also currently filming  The Little Mermaid, playing the titular’s character’s mother.  I have recently come across her in HBO’s The Undoing. I watched the show over a period of 3 days during the weekday. Before that, I’d seen the conversations on social media and how everybody neglected to mention her. None of these people talked about this woman who was a breath of fresh air. Here to save the day, to “create muck.” Her words.

She plays Haley Fitzgerald, self-assured, soft-spoken, intelligent, and a very damn good lawyer. She has this undeniable presence. She also moved with quiet strength, as if she took a page from Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly, without the b*tchy aftertaste.

It was her grace that made me fall in love with her. So much that I’d love to watch a show that hangs on Haley Fitzgerald’s life on how she got to where she is. Surely she has a few skeletons in the closet. A skeleton in every closet from all the houses she must have.😅

The Undoing is about a therapist whose life unravels when her husband is the number one suspect in the murder of a young woman.

Hugh Grant plays said husband while Nicole Kidman is the devoted wife. Noma Dumezweni is the lawyer hired to clear the husbands’ name and New York. Yes, the city is shot as if it’s also a character in the show. I’ve seen such scenes in Tiny Pretty Things as well as Sex & the City… Will & Grace or where  ever they shout, “I don’t come down to where you work and smack the d*ck out of your mouth.”

You can watch this on SA’s leading streaming service.😉

The Post, Officially!

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