For the first time in a very long time, I wanted to do absolutely nothing and just watch everything I’d planned to watch during the year. When I got home I started a few shows and I’ll put up that list for you after this one but I also watched a bunch of movies. Unfortunately, the list doesn’t have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the iconic Mr & Mrs Smith

Unfortunately, this season wasn’t as joyous as the other years. No, not only because we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, but because my mother wasn’t very well. I know her to be strong and this time around, I didn’t recognise the woman I was with. While she spent most of her days in bed, I found myself waltzing in that room with my laptop and movies I wanted to watch with her. Since she is a God-fearing woman, some of these didn’t land with her but after a few uncomfortable scenes that dealt with sexuality, we had some good laughs and singalongs.

This list came in quite handy when 702 called me in to share a New Year’s Watchlist since Cupcake announced revised Level 3 regulations that included a ban on the sale of alcohol as well as an earlier curfew. This came after the number of confirmed COVID cases went through the roof. So much so that my friend, who is a frontline worker, posted a picture of a document that clearly stated that the morgues were also getting full. Scary!

Anyway, here’s the list of movies I watched (some I haven’t seen but have been plotted on my diary throughout the month):

The Prom:

It’s a comedy musical directed by our fav Ryan Murphy. He gave us Nurse Ratched, AHS, Glee and so much more! It’s about self-obsessed theatre stars who go off to Indiana to support a girl who wants to take her girlfriend to prom but the school’s parents club do not want that to happen because they are homophobic. Kerry Washington is the villain in this one, there’s also Meryl Streep, a very James Corden playing an almost caricature gay character and Nicole Kidman.

Coming to America:

This is a classic starring Eddie Murphy where he’s a prince and wants to go against tradition to find himself a wife in Queens, New York. He goes undercover in search of a wife he can love and respect for her intelligence and will.

It will prepare you for part two that’s coming out in March which also stars Nomzamo Mbatha.


This is the reboot of the 1971 classic and somewhat of a sequel to the 2000 release that was led by Samuel L Jackson. With this one, all generations come together to investigate the death of Shaft Junior’s friend. It has Regina Hall in it. It’s funny, action-packed and has a great soundtrack.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom:

This one pays tribute to black culture and blues Legend Ma Rainey. The best American blues singer of her time and this movie is based on a play by August Wilson. It shows us a woman whose band and manager tried to control before she took back her power and really showed them who’s boss. Viola Davis gives a sweaty, confident performance alongside the late Chadwick Bosman in his final role before his untimely death.


Another comedy with Issa Rae, Marsari Martin and Regina Hall. It’s about a successful businesswoman who treats her employees poorly, only to wake up one morning to discover that she has been transformed into her 13-year-old self, who was constantly bullied. She has to do a selfless act to turn back to normal.

Kenya Barris and Marsari Martin are on the credits as producers. Fun fact about Marsari is that is the youngest Hollywood producer in history. She is black and super young, she was born in August 2004.

Long Shot:

Starting my fav – Charlize Theron as Charlotte Field who wants to run for president but falls in love with Fred, a free spirit journalist she used to babysit! He’s a speechwriter who’s meant to help make it into the Oval Office as the first woman president. It’s funny, aspirational and the cast is brilliant. There is no good looking guy to save the day, you will see Seth Rogen and O’Shea Jackson Jr. – Ice Cube’ son.

Legally Blonde 1 & 2:

I know this one is an oldie but it’s also a feel good flick! It has Reese Witherspoon as a ditsy sorority girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend for a smarter girl before he heads off to  to Harvard. She enrols at the same school to teach him a lesson and ends up being the smartest of it all. She really used all her knowledge of fashion, wits and charisma to win. And on the 2nd one, she goes off to Washington to fight for animal rights when she finds out that the dog that gave birth to Bruiser (her loyal chihuahua) is in a lab and they were testing cosmetics on her.

They are said to be working on Legally Blonde 3 which is set for release in 2022🤩

Alien vs. Predator:

This one is from 2004 and it features a group of archaeologists heading over to Antarctica for an expedition where they get caught up in an ancient long war between the aliens and predators where one species has to survive. Sanaa Lathan, who you might recognize on Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, Love and Basketball, The Best Man and The Perfect Guy stars in the film and she’s Black Hollywood royalty if you ask me😌


Starring Omari Hardwick where he is trapped in rural Appalachia following a plane crash that leaves him badly injured in Ma Eloise’s attic, who claims she can bring him back to life with a hoodoo doll she created. But he soon realizes that if he doesn’t hatch an escape plan he may die here. There’s also Loretta Devine and Tumisho Masha who’s a police officer.

The Night Before:

This one stars three men whom I really love, Anthony Mackie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. They play long time friends who always come together to celebrate the holidays with a bang. When Joseph’s character realizes that things are changing and they are growing, he gets them together to have one last horaah.

There are edibles, a celebrity appearance from Miley Cyrus and a ton of realisations. It’s what you need to ring in the new year.


How To Ruin Christmas:

It stars Busisiwe Lurayi. Phil Mphela’s “breakout star of 2020” as an out of control daughter who returns home for Joburg for her sister’s wedding and let’s just say that her family would have preferred it if she had stayed away. She goes through a series of unfortunate events including sleeping with her brother in law, who is a recovering alcoholic. GASP! 

This one will remind you of your Christmas break one last time before you fully turn to full-on work mode.

The Post, Officially!

The Post, Officially!

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  1. Fave Fave Fave!!! What a meaty list, You had me worried when I saw Legally blonde but what a catching list overall, there’s a number of my lifetime faves here so diamond points for that( I’m obsessed with Sana Larthan in that gritty Horror). And thank you for the new additions I’ll be watching tonight, ” Spell” is the type of reved-up heart pacing vibe I like. Thanks for this list Gworl, I really love it. Oh and that part about your mom got me quite broody. My prayers go out to her for a definite recovery ❤️

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