If I’ve said this before then I’m saying it again: my fav time of the year has always been October, only because ETV would play horror classics weekly. The Scream franchise, I Know What you Did Last Summer, 13 Ghosts and Pet Sematary, anything gory to be honest. Followed by young adult films and coming of age stories that would display the excitement and the thrill people have when they are getting their Halloween costume. The commitment, the makeup, the idea of being something (or someone) completely different is exciting.

“In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” – Cady Heron

The truth is Ayanda Thabethe should be the queen of Halloween like Heidi Klum. Hollywood celebrates her for the provocative Halloween costumes she’s worn over the years.

Who can forget the iconic Beyoncé look, from The Lion King red carpet moment a year ago? She totally raised the bar when she did the Kardashian sisters in KKW perfume campaign. To which it got an RT for Kim K herself saying “OMG THE BEST!!!!!!!”

Last year Rampempe pulled up to the scene as Bonang when she launched House of BNG, The Sivu as Kanye West on the “I Love It” music video. Treyvon Moo was Steve Urkel and I was Rihanna at one of her Puma fashion shows. It was the bomb!

This year’s costumes didn’t fall short at all, from Lovecraft Country’s demon twins, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, The Stocko Girls and Katlego Maboe it was truly one for the books.

These are some of my fav pictures from the night by @nino.ayanda:


Previdar Covergirl, DJ, writer and culture curator, Mpumelelo Mselani showed up as a character from Money Heist.

Even though I haven’t seen the show, it’s quite clear that it has some merits because it’s quite popular. Hey, it’s a Halloween costume, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

This one came as a surprise. It also goes to show how important these elections were. The whole world was watching and what’s fascinating about it is the campaigning and the encouragement of every single voter to go to the poll and make their voices heard because it matters. Not to mention we have the first black vice president.

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion

Its the commitment for me. The gworls had a mission and they did it. But when I was bumping my gums with one of the girls she said it was all spontaneous – They didn’t plan this. Needless to say, W.A.P came on and they gave us a live performance.

Lovecraft Country twins

The true winners of the evening. from the hair to the nails and the overdrawn lips. Probably the scariest thing on Lovecraft Country, those little sh*ts made my skin crawl. But I loved them last week.


I never thought I’d see Katlego Maboe IRL.

The Stocko Girls (John Vul’igate)

The overnight sensation of 2020. Dancing to a song that recycled a line from the iconic, Oscar-winning South African movie, Tsotsi. Starring Percy Chewneyagae, Terry Pheto and many more. What’s the line you ask? its “John, vul’igate”.

It was truly a night to remember and I absolutely cannot wait for the next one. So when I tell you about this next year, pull up.


The Post, Officially!

The Post, Officially!

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