Its been a long time coming and the truth is, tensions were high as we were inching closer to the Joburg Film Festival with uncertainties that the event would happen and they’ve announced some great news. Together with the NFVF and GFC, they have announced that the 2020 edition of the festival will be staged as a two-day event later this month in the city of Jwansberg! Exciting right?

The Joburg Film Festival historically takes place in the last week of November as a six-day festival, will now take place on 28 and 29 November with a limited film selection with a huge focus on development workshops. This comes after COVID19 restrictions because ICYMI, the new normal is virtual events.

These development workshops aim to hammer away at the three pillars of the festival: Film Programme, the Industry Programme and the Youth & Audience Development Programme.

This year there’s a limited film programme comes with three specially curated films. The focus of the 2020 films places the spotlight on “displacement”, an apparent theme during the global pandemic. This year opening film is ‘This is Not A Burial It’s a Resurrection’ starring the late legendary Mary Twala, abrest it’s Oscar run post the festival.

Making it’s global screening debut at the Joburg Film Fest this year, LGBTI film, ’There’s Power In the Collar’ will also be shown over the festival.  The last addition to this year’s schedule includes Canadian / South Africa film ‘Beyond Moving’.

Mary Twala in This Is Not a Burial

The second pillar is The Youth and Audience Development programme. A skill-sharing platform that affords young aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to learn from and engage with industry professionals, hosted in partnership with the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) and the National Film & Video Foundation (NFVF).

This will be a one-day workshop that incorporates the youth from different regions in one location and to answer your question, it will be recorded for virtual streaming and broadcast.

Black youth who are students or aspirant filmmakers between the ages of 18 and 30 years with a matric or an alternative equivalent as a minimum participating criterion will be selected for the workshop.

Interested participants can send their details (full name and age) to either of the contact details below:

Whatsapp line:   067 770 1574


Facebook:   JoburgFilmFestival
Twitter:          @JoburgFilmFest
Instagram:   @joburg_film_festival




The Post, Officially!

The Post, Officially!

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