In a deliberate move to balance out the playing fields with their ongoing commitment to gender equality, Trace today solidified its bold pledge to institute TRACE 50_50 video airplay for womxn artists and other womxn produced content.

Following the decision taken by the team during Womxn’s Month in August, Trace consequentially began slotting in more female produced content across their channels. And with another substantial increase in September, Trace can officially confirm the move from the previous 40/60 ratio to a committed 50/50 on all their thematic shows now. Trace will also focus more on womxn generated shows and music content, further pushing their equal play agenda.

A unique celebration of womxn talent – a first of its kind on the continent is finally at our doorstep.

This new womxn balanced airplay includes programming across Trace Africa, Trace Urban and Trace Gospel on the following shows:

Femme Hour every Monday at 6 PM CAT. FEMME HOUR allows women in the music game to own their throne in a brand new way. R&B VIBEZ on Monday at 9 PM & Sunday at 11 AM, for you to soak your heart in music that speaks to the soul and REWIND, every day at 9 AM for your favorite jams and relive the musical experience of it all.

SOUNDS OF SOUTH AFRICA where you can enjoy 100% Mzansi Gospel Music every day at 4 PM and again at 9 PM CAT. PRAISE VIBES this is for your favourite old and new Praise songs, every day at 8 AM and 7 PM CAT and STAR UP, this is to start your day on a high note, every day at 6 AM with your get up and go songs only onon channel 332.

The only exclusion, which is my pain point, ‘Chart Shows’ and ‘Playlists’ which are governed by public popularity, ranked by the number of gross audience impressions, computed by cross-referencing exact times of airplay with official viewer data will remain the same.

Trace’s Managing Director – Southern Africa & Regional Director Anglophone Africa Valentine Gaudin-Muteba,”, Yes it’s an audacious move as a music channel, but we are here for it. We are here to lead the change that is so desperately needed! At Trace we focus more on walking the talk, with the hope of paving the way until all genders have the same opportunities for airplay.”

The Post, Officially!

The Post, Officially!

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